Audio Restoration

Audio restoration is becoming an ever increasing part of Blue Mountain Sound's work. I've been approached on many occasions to restore previous recordings or to re-master them. There are times when substantial compilations need to be assembled, such as Warren Fahey's new Aussie mega project the two volume Australia: Folk Songs and Bush Verse. This compilation was made up of music that was recorded recently together with very old, almost field quality recordings, often drowning in reverb. The special requirement here was to stitch them all together so that all of the recordings 'work together' to form a whole album or, in this case, series of albums. Audio restoration was a central part of this project.

On other occasions a special project will come in that is absolutely begging for restoration. Linda Vogt AM had a series of recordings featuring herself and husband Colin Evans which were so affected by static, rumble and various other flaws that Linda could not listen to them. The double tragedy was that the music was lost but, perhaps of greater short term significance, was that it was so poor that Linda couldn't listen to her own music. The artistic and sentimental value of the music demanded that something be done. Being a Waves tester means that I'm equipped with all of their magnificent plug-ins, including every one needed to bring this project to life. Mono tracks were brought to stereo life after being cleaned up, denoised and properly edited. Excessive reverb was reduced using spectacular Waves technology (combined, of course, with judicious use) and out of these old recordings came a whole set of CD's of music that is at once magnificent and historically significant. Linda was so happy with the job that she wrote:

Dear Andy,

Deirdre and I are very impressed with the final CDs you have produced.  Considering the awful material you dealt with, we feel you were the right man to do the job. How lucky we were to have randomly chosen you out of the phone book.  Be assured your work will be heartily recommended by the Evans family.  The clarity of sound you have been able to produce in spite of the static and quality of the original material is most gratifying.  Our sincere thanks for a first class job. 

The other aspect of the task was an understanding of my requirements which you grasped immediately.  Bravo and many thanks Andy

Thanks Linda for your very kind words. Deirdre is Deirdre Evans of Zephyr Music, that wonderful repository of score sheets here in Sydney.

Other restoration projects that have come in include old recordings of family members, perhaps long deceased, that spouses and sons and daughters want to preserve and restore. Transfers from audio cassette to CD are done on our wonderful Harman Kardon cassette player straight into my pro tools platform, reworked, remastered if required and faithfully burnt.

One example of this follows: "Myra sang in musicals and operettas in the UK for some 17 years, including a number of BBC Empire broadcasts. The family possesses a pre-war tape of a BBC recital that Myra gave. Naturally the quality of the tape is poor, but thanks to a family friend, Andy Busuttil of Blue Mountain Sound, some of the tracks have been cleaned up enough to get a sense of Myra's fine voice. The recital has been split into distinct mp3 tracks, but if you would like a copy of the wav files please email."You can find the full story by clicking on here: