AusFolkus podcast cover - Andy Busuttil and title

Welcome to the AusFolkus series of podcasts:

Exploring the people and stories behind Australian folk music and dance

In these podcasts I’ll be interviewing many of the musicians, dancers, choristers and teachers from the multitude of folk genres that we are so lucky to be exposed to in this country. These are people who have been in front of you in festivals, concerts and dance demonstrations in some cases for decades. Their names will be well known to you and have in many instances been celebrated by you while watching them or perhaps even participating with them while they ply their wondrous art.

Listen to the Podcast

You can find AusFolkus on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and iHeartRadio as well as a range of smaller podcast providers. Or, simply see below! New episodes will be added to this page as they’re published.