This is a great team and I have chosen Greg and Llew to work with due to their diligence, their capacity for teamwork, and their ability to suspend ego and work brilliantly as audio production professionals.

Andy Busuttil

Owner and Principal Engineer

Andy is the owner and principal engineer of Blue Mountain Sound. Andy’s great strength, aside from his substantial studio talents, is his capacity to make clients feel comfortable and at home and to be able to work at their best when recording. He also works brilliantly with clients in the mixing and mastering stages of their projects. He is collaborative and highly consultative and a fount of valuable information.

Greg Seiler

Mastering Specialist

Greg Seiler is Andy’s valued mastering specialist. Greg has a great set of ears and is renowned for his fine judgement in deciding on how to produce the sound that the artist or producer wants in this most important stage of album development.

Llew Kiek
Llew Kiek

Mastering Consultant and Producer

Llew Kiek is a dual ARIA winner and has produced many fine albums. Llew is also available to work at any stage of CD production in the studio and can be especially valuable when producing a mastered product.

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