You will find our rates to be sensible and reasonable.

We don’t charge for setup and takedown of the studio or equipment for location recording. We don’t ask for a deposit for a booking. While we appreciate progressive payments, you can either do it this way or on completion of the project.

Recording / mixing / editing: $62.50/hr

As an example a recent album of 13 tracks of folk/acoustic music including guitars, piano, fiddles, vocals (including layered harmonies), bouzouki, concertina, piano accordion and mandolin came to under $6,000 including location recording of piano, collaboration with international and national studiios, mixing/editing and mastering to replication stage.

Attended sessions: complimentary

There is no extra charge for attended sessions (where you come in for mixing etc). We welcome and appreciate your full involvement in the process.

Mastering: $90/hr

Mastering $90 per hour and for mastering that would normally include 2 engineers (myself and Greg Seiler) or engineer and mastering producer Llew Kiek. On the average mastering costs usually don’t exceed $40 per track depending on the consistency and recording quality of the tracks themselves. Metadata on your masters such as ISRC’s (link to ARIA for info), track names, artist names etc. or for producing DDP’s for replication provided without extra charge.

Re-mastering audio for YouTube: $90/hr

Services include upload if required.

Audio restoration: $90/hr

Audio restoration $90.00 per hour if it includes re-mastering or audio enhancement. Price by negotiation on big projects.

Helping or advice with home studio setup or operation: $62.50/hr

Travelling costs if beyond the Blue Mountains by negotiation.

Miscellaneous costs

All projects archived at a small cost of $10 for archiving on 2 external hard drives. All our work is backed up to at least 2 drives while in progress.

CD’s are provided at a small cost of $10 per item.

Data costs are $10 for large uploads eg DDP folders to replicators.

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