Blue Mountain Sound prides itself on having the right equipment for your needs and to ensure a great final product.


  • Great selection of mics to suit any application from acoustic through to amp’d.

Interfaces, DAW and studio software.

  • The studio is based around the Digidesign/AVID HD 192 system, Waves/Digico DLS server and Digico IOS and Digimax studio pre’s.
  • Monitoring via Sennheiser or Fostex headphones depending on preference.
  • Absolutely ZERO latency when recording.
  • Pro Tools 10HD which ‘speaks’ to ‘Tools 11 and 12 as well as earlier versions.
  • With technical advice from us, translation from other DAWs is easy.
  • BMS has the full range of Waves audio and SoundGrid Studio plugs. Also iZotope, Antares, HOFA, Sony, etc. All plugs used are legitimate. BMS is also a proficient beta tester for software prior to release.

Studio Monitors

  • Audio monitoring via Dynaudio BM6A classic studio speakers.

Studio Setup

  • We’ve worked hard over the years to make the studio an eco-friendly setup and we’re proud to say it’s now energy-neutral.

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