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Studio Recording, Location Recording and Collaboration with other studios:

Our energy-neutral studio has 2 rooms plus an isolation booth.

Location recording is available for bands, choirs or session musicians who can’t get to the studio.        

We collaborate with other studios nationally or internationally if you want to add session musicians who are geographically distant.


BMS can remix existing projects or takes on new mixes if required.
BMS is a highly regarded mixing and mastering studio. Our studio has been designed around well-contained and neutral acoustics.
Referencing of your tracks against mastered tracks on other top-level productions is performed.

Re-mastering audio for YouTube clips

Let us master the audio on your YouTube video clip. For an example, the video to the right (or below, if you’re on a smaller device) shows the difference before and after re-mastering. The transition from un-mastered to mastered occurs at 58 seconds in.

Support for home studios

Blue Mountain Sound will help you set up your studio, make recommendations about the gear that may best suit your circumstances and give suggestions on approaches you can take to improve your product. We can mix and master your recordings for you. Have our professional mastering engineers perform their magic specifically geared to your sound and your requirement.

Audio restoration and repair.

BMS carries the full suite of iZotope and Waves audio restoration software and can help you with recordings you may have on cassette or CD. We can also help remove unwanted noise from your recordings.

Podcasting as a partner with Podcasting Central.

BMS and Ally Mosher work in partnership to produce podcasts for individuals and businesses. Please visit to find out about our services.

Client Facilities

For clients who spend a day with us, a complimentary, nutritious lunch is provided. Complimentary accommodation can also be provided.

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This is The Garden by Kate Fagan performed by Margaret and Bob Fagan. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Blue Mountain Sound. Piano recorded on location by BMS and other instruments such as fiddle, bouzouki and voice recorded in the UK and Wollongong and mixed in here. An example of how we can collaborate with other studios.